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How to Choose a Quality Roofer

Picking a properly certified and excellent quality roofer is important and typically hard for consumers who don’t know much about the roofing industry. This can be crucial, especially if roofing is not regulated in your state.

You have to select a certified roofer who will be around to honour their warranty later on. There are lots of roofing contractors who have no certification and are capable of low quality work. The regular start-up venture is usually closed in as short as three years, and could instantly be out of business because of a roofing problem.

Below are tips and questions that you can use when looking for a competent roofing contractor:

How long is the roofer’s experience in the industry? An established company will likely be available when you have problems in the future.

Do they have a permanent business office address, phone number, and email address? A roofing company’s competence is not assured by such things; however, they are signs of the roofer’s stability.

Does the roofer use subcontractors? Subcontractors are usually paid per project, which can lead to in poor workmanship because the job will likely be rushed to accommodate other projects.

Will there be a written quote and contract, and a requirement to pay a deposit? Job specs and prices should be provided in black and white. An established roofer usually requires no deposit. Deposits are rather common however, but stay away from any contractor who asks for bigger than a third of your project’s full cost.

See if they are listed at your local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Focus on the overall business rating and the size of the company when reading complaints.

Is the roofer registered and are they covered by workers’ compensation and liability insurance? They should be, or you will not have a proper venue to lodge a complaint when necessary, and if there is an injury or property damage on-site, you might be held liable.

Hire an established contractor with strong industry ties and manufacturer certifications for the products they offer. A certified contractor is able to offer stronger warranties.

Find a contractor who provides emergency services. This contractor can solve a serious issue quickly, even beyond normal business hours.

Ask the contractor to give you references of previous clients. A good one will not hesitate for a second and will even be excited by the thought of you hearing the good news about their work.

Finally, never choose a roofer on price alone. You may find self-proclaimed handymen who charge a lower price but provide substandard workmanship.

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