My Experience With Edibles: An amusing relationship

When I first wanted to discover more about weed I took the vile pot brownie. An alien with good intentions informed me of the impact of this product. Therefore, I only took a little piece. All the same, the weed did not alter my senses, and I did not take some more to try and learn more about it. It occurred to me that maybe the brownie was not a pot brownie but a regular one or I was insusceptible to cannabis.

My second attempt was a couple of months later; I was hoping to learn more about weed; Thus, I did it assuming this product would not affect me. All the other people would be stoned, and I would be the only one who is sober. In spite of my assumption this time the weed affected me.
Frankly, I was scared of smoking; I felt the food was safer and healthier which is odd since brownies contain a lot of sugar. I spent the months that followed trying to learn more about this product. Having my senses altered by this product was delightful.

When my partner and I began seeing each other we took an edible together. I can distinctly remember the chocolate bar wrapping and how the chocolate bar tasted. The night preceding that day we had each only a tiny piece of the chocolate. Thus, we only felt a mild effect. The next afternoon we ate the remaining piece of the chocolate bar and went for a hike.

We were stoned out of our minds, beyond what we had previously experienced. We were high for about fourteen hours. The feeling was exhilarating, it was like we were connected to nature. Later we watched a Harry Potter movie which had us in tears when we thought about of the trauma all the characters had to undergo at a tender age of eleven years.

Given the seemingly unending high we were in fourteen hours felt like fourteen days in which we were locked within our minds and bodies. This high had us feeling separated yet connected, scored and yet exhilarated, out of control but still with a sense of control which was weird. The fourteen hours were like a lifetime.

I will never forget that day. That particular day was one of the final moments we shared edibles. Later I became accustomed to smoking. I was fascinated by how cannabis was cultivated, stored and maintained. They say that when weed is stored well, it will last for a longer time. I say the effect of this product will be felt for the longest time if you take a pot brownie.