What Air Filter is Right for You?

Air filters work to remove dust particles, micro-organisms and dirt from the surrounding air. There are many types of filters used in many applications. Different industries in society use air filters including the commercial, medial, and industrial sectors. The market is full of air filter of different kinds. Here are some types of air filters that is being sold in the market today.

One of the most popular air filters in the market today was first used during the second world war and it is called HEPA for High Efficiency Particulate Air technology. It was then used for removing radioactive dust from the air. This type of air filter is now being widely used in home. Tiny, microscopic particles that you cannot see can e removed by this air filter.

This type of air filter is able to catch many kinds of small particles in the air. This includes dust mites, mold spores, dust, bacteria, and pollen.

Chemical fumes, odors, viruses, and cigarette smoke are things that a HEPA air filter is not able to eliminate. If you want to get rid of these unwanted odors or particles, then you should get a HEPA air filter with activated carbon.

You need to change your air filters as often as necessary. If you don’t change your filters regularly, then the microorganisms captured by the filter will remain there are will be able to reproduce, thus making it a health hazard to your home.

Another type of air filter is the ionic air filter which is also called ionizer. This type of air filter needs voltage in order to charge air molecules. When the ionizer produces negatively charges ions, the dust particles in the air are attracted to it. When the particles come in contact with the negative ions, the are de-ionized and removed from the air.

These ionizers are able to remove from the air microscopic particles, bacteria, smoke, viruses, and they are able to sterilize toxic fumes. These filters are not noisy when they function and this is why many people love this product. The downside is that the particles don’t leave the room although they are no longer airborne. They fall to the floor, on your furniture and walls. Thus, it is still to clean your falls and walls to completely eliminate these microscopic particles.

Activated carbon filters use oxygen which opens carbon pores and makes them highly absorbent. It is not only particles that are removed by carbon filters but also odors and gases. If your rooms smell of smoke, chemical, and other types of gases and odors, then the carbon filter is the best one to use. When the contaminants are filtered, they are no longer released back in the air.

These are the common types of filters that are available to you.

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